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  1. Anthonia & Emojevwe

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    The last wedding website I worked on was about 4 years ago. I was more than excited to work on this one. I dont know the couple personally but I do wish them a blessed Union <3 I think love stories are the best stories and I would love to work on more wedding websites.


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    Here’s a sneekpeak to A new family Venture!  Molabs   Pre-Owned Luxury  Auto Dealership!  If you are looking for great cars for great prices Please check it out and If you happen to see what you like  Tell them I  sent you, you’ll get a discount, I PROMISE.

    Visit the website here

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    Here’s a simple Business card I designed as well.

  3. Hello Sandy! Meet Divine Grace

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    Hey Everyone! So There is a Hurricane warning in the Eastcoast and I spent my day working on a couple of Websites and logos. I was supposed to work on this particular project a while back but with school, work and life I kept it on the backburner. Fortunately for me the clients were understanding ( God Bless their hearts) I finally did it and I love it Check out this webite I made for a nearby African Market in NJ. I hope you go there and make some great purchases!!


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    Here is the Logo! I have a couple more updates I need to make but I just fell in love with  it so I had to share




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    I really love to see people succeed and  I have a warm spot in my heart for Young and Successful Africans. Because I’m always sharing links of really inspiring people doing great things I figured I might as well make it a website.  So far I have a decent amount of features and interviews. Take a look and if you are interested in nominating someone or would like to be features feel free to email



     <— Logo Love. I truly do enjoy making Logos  It reminds me of when I was little and trying to figure out my own  signature. Its a visual that represents who you are, no one can copy it and its so very unique and represents YOU!


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    My online boutique has been open for about a year and a half, In February I decided to make some changes to the visual aspect of the brand, It was about the same time We decided to expand into a Store Front Boutique as well. Check it out! I was working on it for months and there was a hiatus sign up for the longest. But a week to February 14, I changed all of my designs and started with a completely different concept, obviusly i was inspired by blue!